TT-168 PHE is a range of specialist units with high cooling capacities.
They are ideal for use with water from 20ºC to 50ºC.

  • Dual heat exchangers: standard type for high temperatures, plate type can be switched on for low temperature use
  • Automatic mould drain
  • Leakstopper – operation in pressure or vacuum mode
  • Self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperature
  • Level control – audible pre-shutdown warning
  • Automatic temperature control – audible alarm sounds when unit deviates outside 5ºC preset (adjustable)
  • Automatic water refill - time limited to prevent over-filling due to defective hoses
  • Connection for optional external thermocouple
  • Limescale-free heat exchanger
  • Heating switchable in stages