This heating and cooling unit is for temperatures from 80°C up to 300°C, is designed for heavy duty uses requiring heating capacities of 72 kW / 120 kW / 144 kW.

  • Digital flow indication with control of the minimum flow
  • Automatic temperature control - difference between set and actual temperature activates an alarm
  • Self-optimizing temperature controller unit with digital display of the set and actual temperature. With high precision regulation in 1/10° range.
  • Can be adjusted to indicate °C or °F.
  • Heating with automatic cascade connection
  • Lime scale free heat exchanger made of stainless steel

Operating principle
Closed hot oil circuit with cold oil receiver in a large expansion tank. Oil cracking is impossible. Long life expectancy of the oil, due to low watt density heating elements and a high flow rate. A drip pan under the expansion tank prevents the unit from getting dirty if it is filled incorrectly.

Heat exchanger
The lime scale free heat exchanger is a special construction made of stainless steel and is also
produced by TOOL-TEMP. The possibility to dismantle the heat exchanger grants fast and easy cleaning, although this will not be necessary during the first operating years.